Can we please bring back “Patriotard”?

While reading a book called “Power & Greed” (the title tells you more or less what author Philippe Gigantes thinks of the motivators for the advancement of human civilization), I came across the following excerpt.

Snapshot of page wherein "Patriotards" is mentioned and defined.

I would like to propose that the internet please spearhead a globalized effort to bring back common use of the word “Patriotard,” in the original French sense of the word according to Mr. Gigantes. S’il vous plait?

2 responses to “Can we please bring back “Patriotard”?

  1. In today’s climate of political corectness anything with “tard” is never going to fly. Have you considered “patridiot’?

  2. Ooo, I like that one too, but I love that “patriotard” has a basis in French language and European political struggles.

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