THEATER REVIEW: “Brownsville Bred” at 59E59

The opening of Brownsville Bred takes the form of a mini multi-media presentation, with the text of the eponymous Brooklyn neighborhood’s Wikipedia entry scrolling over video images of the Langston Hughes projects. As a device, it’s a little contrived, and shows an unjustified lack of trust in the material that follows – which is a rich,…

THEATER REVIEW: “Brilliant Traces” at the ArcLight Theater

Erica Linderman and William W. Warren are directed by Adam Fitzgerald in We Theater and Iron Jaw Company’s current production of Cindy Lou Johnson’s Brilliant Traces. The play, which runs about eighty minutes long, is an intense two-hander about a bride-to-be and a hermit whose paths cross in the wilds of Alaska.

Xavier Harris as INSIDIOUS

THEATER REVIEW: “Insidious” at Road Less Traveled Productions, Buffalo, New York

Sex can be deadly. Anyone who came of age during or after the AIDs crisis knows the line, “Every time you sleep with someone, you’re sleeping with every person they ever slept with.” And yet, people persist in making unwise and unsafe decisions when it comes to having sex – and, as shown in Insidious,…