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It’s sweltering in New York City, but over in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is about to begin. This three-week theater extravaganza holds a special place in my heart, as it was in Edinburgh that my plays Playing It Cool, Stuck Up A Tree, and Mousewings had their world premieres. In honor of the festival, here’s lots of theater-related news:


Amazon cover for "Post" by Rachel Lynn Brody

  1. My first play, POST, is now available for Kindle through Click here to purchase it for $4.99 through Amazon. Or, feel free to contact me via the comments if you’d prefer to buy a digital-rights-free version of the product. This edition is an experiment of sorts: if you’ve never tried to publish an e-book, you may not know about the formatting foibles one encounters. To avoid this issue, we tried using jpegs instead of .txt, .doc, or .pdf format. I hope you enjoy the results, although I recommend using either a Kindle or a computer – not an i- or smartphone – as the resizing encounters some glitches on those platforms.
  2. Is Donna Hoke, whose work I have previously mentioned, the most-produced female playwright in Buffalo? With new one-acts “Write This Way” (coming up at Theatre Out in San Diego) and “Lifelines,” (at the Seoul Players’ festival in Korea) being staged this August, and a reprise of “Lifelines” at the Richmond Shephard theater this fall, as well as “Greater Good” at Three Roses in North Hollywood this November – not to mention the Buffalo Infringement production of “Hard Cell” and a potential reading of a new full-length play in the fall – it doesn’t seem like she could possibly be far off. Check out her blog and her work.
  3. Getting back to Edinburgh – I recently saw two of the plays being sent to the Festival at 59E59th. First, there was a truncated version of “To Hold an Apple,” then the manic and zany “Interpretive Dances to My Diary (72% fiction)” – both interesting pieces which will fit well into the fabric of the Edinburgh fringe. I’m working on short write-ups of each for The British Theatre Guide, and will hopefully get those to editor Peter Lathan later this week.
  4. I’ve been working on “Celebrity: The Meltdown Monologues,” and hope to have a reading of the script later this fall. This will most likely take place online, potentially on Google Hangouts. More news on that as it happens.
Over and out, for now.

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