Technology Review: Vizualize.Me Graphic Resume Builder

I got an invitation to join for a beta test earlier tonight. The service lets users create a resume formatted as an infographic; I loaded up my information and started playing with the templates. Half an hour later, I have a fairly cool looking resume – except for a few things, which (if addressed – this is only the beta version of the site) could make this far more powerful.

Note, the blacked-out bits are not part of the design scheme offered by the site. I put those in by hand, just for you.

1. I wish I could better control the positioning of the labels.

2. And edit their contents individually on the screen, instead of having to go into the side menu each time I want to edit something.

3. Unless further functionality is planned – for example, being able to set different fonts for each of the positions represented in the infographic – I don’t see why the software must require specific fields (aside from start and end dates) to be included. This was annoying in the case of my “playwriting” postition; I was required to put down the company where I was a playwright. I finally settled on, even though this isn’t necessarily an entity that exists as a company or that I had ever thought of when my play Post was first produced in 1999.

4. The regions for which color can be selected seem arbitrary.

5. I wish the templates were more aesthetically pleasing. Maybe I can futz around more with the color settings and figure something out.

6. WHY CAN’T I EXPORT AS A PDF??? I can email myself a URL, I can share to all kinds of services, but there’s no way to do a print to PDF on this? Am I missing something, here?

Those minor quibbles aside, looks like it might wind up being a pretty cool resume-building tool.

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3 responses to “Technology Review: Vizualize.Me Graphic Resume Builder

  1. I’m also looking for a export/save as PDF. All in all though, a pretty slick tool.

  2. I think they gonna make paid version of the service, and “export as PDF” is available to paid version only.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Nico and I am contacting you on behalf of YMB Properties, a graphics design company. We’ve just finished developing a piece of software called Youzign. It’s been in closed Beta for the last four months and we will be launching on February 18.
    Great review about btw. I wanted to offer you access to Youzign. Send me an email if you are interested in reviewing the software and I’ll be happy to set you up with a premium account.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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