Low Sodium Pernil – Reddit Recipe

Some time ago, I saw this recipe for pernil on reddit. Today, I’m giving it a try – with, of course, a low-sodium twist.

First thing was getting the ingredients together. Thankfully, the OP on reddit gives a good list of what’s needed – and this doesn’t seem like a terribly precise recipe.

I went to Wegman’s today and picked up a pork shoulder – just over seven bucks for five pounds, so I’m paying a bit more than the OP in Brooklyn, but I’m still getting over five pounds of meat for seven bucks and change. Awesome.

Also picked up the garlic and something called “Sazon,” which as far as I could figure out from Google, is some kind of seasoning. I am calling it “Not Adobo,” in my head, because it was next to the Adobo on the shelf and it is not Adobo. I don’t know what Adobo is made from. Feel free to enlighten me.

I dumped a pile of the Sazon into a bowl and then I took a bunch of garlic cloves and peeled them, and dumped them into the bowl as well. Did the stabby stabby thing and rubbed the shoulder down with the sofrito, like the recipe says.


Now it’s in the oven, where it will sit for the next 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Now, the reason I think this count as Low Sodium (as far as these things go) is thus: I went easy on the Sazon, and I didn’t add any additional salt – just pepper, garlic and olive oil. The sazon is like 85mg of sodium per tablespoon, I used maybe 5 on the whole shoulder. And somewhere online, I found something that said pork shoulder has about 65mg per serving. We’ll see what that means for the final product.

Meanwhile, I’ve found my next cooking project.

3 hours later…

Oh. My. God. I just ate this. This is amazing. THANK YOU, Electric_Sandwich, wherever you are.








Update 5/18/2013: This was the experience that set me off down a road that eventually led to learning how to butcher a pig in Boston. If you liked reading about cooking pernil, check out my Butchery series, starting with what happened when I tried to make BBQ Pulled Pork in January of 2013.



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  1. I’m making something similar this Saturday, now. It is your fault.

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