Homework Takeaway #4: Uncertainties in Time, Space and Relationships

I’m still chipping away at Elegant Universe, and have just finished watching Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen – the version starring Daniel Craig as Werner Heisenberg and Stephen Rea as Neils Bohr. So now there are a few threads going though my mind. Copenhagen is an illustration of how the uncertainty principle and physics can map themselves onto individual relationships; this is illustrated well in the moment where Frayn writes Bohr and Heisenberg and Bohr’s wife Margrethe, as they race around a room demonstrating the difficulties of observing an racing beam of light.


The point, of course, is that once an observation has been made a situation has already moved past the point where that observation is accurate. In Copenhagen, by the time Bohr and Heisenberg understand one another, it’s too late – and as they realize years later, their lack of mutual understanding is what prevented a terrible future from taking place.

Blending this notion with the ideas of Calabi-Yau dimensions, gravity, swirling particles and more, and I feel like I’ve done an awful lot of thinking for early on a Tuesday afternoon.

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