Publication news! My SciFi Short “The Tell Tale Tech” will help launch The Veillee Blog on Jan 16th!!

A man is dead, and a cop knows who’s responsible. Was it murder? In my new short story, The Tell Tale Tech, the style of Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart is the jumping-off point for an atmospheric detective thriller that asks questions about technology, innovation and morality.

Commissioned by The Veillee Blog, The Tell Tale Tech will be available online from January 16th; drop a comment below or subscribe to receive blog updates if you want a reminder when the blog launches on the 16th.

For those curious about Poe’s relationship to science fiction, check out his short story The Balloon Hoax. Published by the New York Sun in the form of a news article, this story not only “punked” a city into believing in cross-Atlantic air travel (decades before it was possible), it also outlined many of the technological innovations Poe believed would be required to make a cross-Atlantic journey. Read the story, it’s a reminder of Poe’s own forward-thinkingness and ability to imagine science ahead of its time.

(Edit: Check out my other fiction).

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