“Sweetheart” to published in the SASSY SINGULARITY anthology

It’s been a busy beginning of the year over here on rlbrody.com, and the pace is only going to get more eventful in the next few months. Next on the docket? My short story “Sweetheart” will be appearing in Sassy Singularity, an anthology being edited by Sare Liz Gordy.

Sassy Singularity hits Amazon on Valentine’s Day and is a celebration of the single woman.

“Sweetheart” is about robots, intelligence, humanity and decision-making. But mostly it’s about a robot.

Sassy Singularity discusses women’s  strengths, in arenas that range from bars to blogs to Alaska to (you guessed it) robots!

For more information, check out Sare’s blog entry on the topic, and get ready for Download Day on Feb 14th!

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