I say “re,” you say “search”

Have set up a paper.li for Climate Change, so if you want to see what Twitter is saying about that in  advance of Hot Mess‘s March release, click here.

Read a fascinating paper last night called “Can language restructure cognition? The case for space,” which is about how different frames of reference carry through both verbal and non-verbal tasks. It’s not a long paper, and once you get through the initial terminology it’s very readable. Check it out if you have an interest in these things. It’s from 2004, so if there’s been more work in that area and anybody wants to pass on a link, that’d be great.

You’ll notice I haven’t posted any Homework Takeaways recently. This is not because I finished my homework. I still have about half of “The Elegant Universe” to go, plus the extra credit. The science got a little daunting but after last night’s success with the above I’m feeling ready to take on the world, so to speak, so I’ll probably get back to that shortly.

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