The Writing on the (Whiteboard) Wall

I’ve spent the day home sick in bed, so pardon me if this gets a bit introspective. Sometimes, one must engage in a little bit of navel-gazing.

For as long as I can remember being a writer, I’ve had more than one project going on at once.

When asked to explain this practice, I usually say something to the effect of its being better to have multiple plates spinning than only one or two; after all, not every project works out. Not every idea makes it to a completed state, either – as time passes, notes get lost, papers get scattered, and priorities change.

Right now I have a dry-erase-board painted wall full of ideas. That’s right: an entire wall painted white with dry-erase paint, which I can scribble upon at my leisure.

In one corner, there’s a scattered list of individuals who might be able to connect me and Matt McVarish with playwrights in various countries around the world for at Glasgay 2012 later this year. (There’s an announcement coming on this, so hold tight and you won’t be disappointed).

Beside that is a list of ideas for short stories about alternative intelligence: mostly titles, these ideas will build on some of the ideas I’ve been working with in The Tell Tale Tech, Sweetheart and Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom., as well as other themes, as I try to work my way through the issues behind a larger dramatic work on a similar subject. If publishing Hot Mess doesn’t kill me, this collection will probably be my next e-publishing project.

Next down is a list of the tasks that still need to be undertaken for Hot Mess. Most of these revolve around the print edition, which will soon be available via CreateSpace, or about getting the word out via various blogs and other sources. The first sentence of a blog rewrite I owe The Masquerade Crew (about self-publishing, actually) is sketched out, though there’ still plenty of work to be done on it. And then an idea so bad I’m going to go erase it before I even continue this blog entry.

One moment, please.

Alright. Now that’s taken care of, on with the catalogue: a sentence that popped into my mind the other night, and my subsequent editing of it, looks like a grammarian’s diagramming of parts of speech from a few feet away. More concrete responsibilities are listed next: errands in need of being run, lines of dialogue that have popped into my head here and there. People I need to email, and another shortlist (way at the bottom) of projects looking for a place in the schedule.

What do we find here? An idea for a co-written horror film, two different road trip movies (one a comedy, one a drama), a sketch show a friend and I talk about producing when we have the time…in other words, enough to keep me busy even if everything I had going on had made it onto the wall.

And me? I’m sick in bed.

I hate being sick.

3 responses to “The Writing on the (Whiteboard) Wall

  1. ::huge grins:: A whiteboard on the wall, filled with scribbles and ideas? What a concept! I love it, of course. My white board currently is filled with a schedule of deadlines I’m not meeting, as God took one look at my schedule board and laughed. (Apparently. Grr. I meant, uh… yay.)

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, though. ::hugs:: Get better soon so that creative genius can get churning again.

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