Daily Archives: 2012.May.22

The Importance of Keeping it Positive

In the early hours of Sunday morning, I sat down and wrote in my journal about the elation I felt after the successful completion of the Hot Mess┬áreading and subsequent weekend of running around NYC with some incredibly talented writers. At the time, it seemed silly – almost self-indulgent – to write two pages in my new notebook about how happy I was that everything had gone so well.

After the last of the writers left town, though, a familiar sort of post-holiday malaise started to set in. It was like what my mom says about the holidays: everyone comes together and you go through so much planning just to have some time to do something fun, and then everybody goes their separate ways and it’s over.

I was so glad I’d written those two pages. Everything – from my handwriting to the words I’d written to the brevity of the notes – brought back the positive feelings that accompanied the weekend.

Sare Liz, my favorite priest in the world, makes a lot of noise about the emotion of joy, and the role it plays in allowing us to fully be ourselves and realize our goals in life.

Sometimes, particularly when the day-to-day starts to feel overwhelming, it’s easy to forget the times when that heavy feeling has been transcended and you’re in alignment with your goals in life, working toward the things you feel are important with people who contribute positively to your general sense of wellbeing.

That’s why it’s important to capture those moments. They’re like little seeds of┬ápositivity; quick hits that get you chasing a dragon far healthier than the one traditionally indicated by that metaphor.

You know that saying, “Do one thing every day that scares you”? Do one thing every day that delights you, too. (And heck, for some of you, those may be the same thing!)