Call for Submissions: Zombie Haiku



zombie haiku to wake the dead

an international compilation

assembled by Miranda Doerfler

with Rachel Lynn Brody


zombie haiku
plural of zombie hai·ku (Noun)

1.      A Japanese poem written by or about zombies, of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five.
2.      An English imitation of this.

Time is running out.


Submit your publication-ready Zombie Haiku to our project, HAIKU OF THE LIVING DEAD, and win inclusion in the anthology and a code redeemable for a free digital copy of the book

(This code may also pass it on to any friends or family, no restrictions!).

Submit to:
or Tweet your entry to @docsaico
Deadline 6/8/2012


In other words:

Miranda Doerfler and I are putting together a collection of Zombie Haiku to be published later this summer. We’re accepting submissions until June 8th.

The best Zombie Haikus will be assembled into a print book, while I believe our current plan is to publish all submitted Haiku in an e-book that will be made available for free to authors (and with free codes they’re allowed to share, once we get through KDP and move to Smashwords.). (Miranda, correct me if I’m wrong on any of this.)

So. Submit your Zombie Haiku to Haiku Of The Living Dead. And stay tuned. You never know when we might need your braaaaains…

Edit: I left out the most important part. While Miranda, myself and our graphic designer will be earning capped profit-share fees, we’re also dedicated to making this a pay-it-forward-and-make-the-world-a-better-place endeavor. We are therefore in search of charities to support, with current possibilities including:


– general relief in Haiti

– general relief in Japan

– disease relief associations

-Hospice (international organization suggestions requested)

-Children’s hospice (again, suggestions requested)

– Get-Out-the-Vote (“waking the politically dead)

–  Other ideas


We plan to put the final propositions up to a vote. Keep checking back, or weigh in with your preferances/suggestions in the comments.

have been suggested. We have also discussed malaria netting/disease-spread prevention ideas, and the notion of contributing in support of the cleanup in Japan. Miranda and I welcome ideas from anyone who would like to put something forward on this front. Not sure how we’re going to decide yet, but stay tuned to the blog and to twitter for further discussion.

Edit 2: Posting a haiku in the comments will, as of 5/29/2012 be read as permission to use your haiku in the collection. We hope to collect author names, twitter handles and websites for each contributor.  Please include this information with your submission.

25 responses to “Call for Submissions: Zombie Haiku

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  2. All sounds good!

  3. I am prepared now.
    Undead pounding at the door.
    I must get out now.

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      Hi Matt!

      Hoping that’s your submission; as noted in Edit 2 above starting today I’m realizing that we need to take people’s posting as permission to use in an anthology. Obviously, you posted before that, so a quick “yep, okay to put my idea in” would be great. We’d like to give credit where due, so if you have an author name and website you’d like to include, feel free to email it to Miranda at or else go ahead and post it here.

      Thanks for contributing!

  4. I am going to share
    this contest with my friend Holly.
    Hope that is alright.


  5. See them quivering.
    Light pink like cotton candy.
    Your brains are tasty.

  6. Heads preserved in jars
    on that science fiction show
    bring picnics to mind.

  7. When I was alive,
    brains meant so little to me.
    Death can change people.

  8. Chris McCombs

    Looks like I am safe,
    People said I had no brains.
    Guess the zombies starve.

  9. Brainy guy’s come-on:
    Wanna see my zombie stores?
    Dream date seals the deal

  10. See what you have done to my flatmate (actual haikuness to follow)

    Barry Gamble
    Has found simple pleasure in writing Zombie Haikus
    UnlikeLike · · about an hour ago via Mobile ·

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      Did he send in his haiku? I haven’t seen his name turn up on the submissions but if he sent it straight to the email then Miranda will have gotten it by now. 🙂

  11. Andrew Mapes

    There’s no time for sleep
    Even the dead have no rest,
    Running out of shells.

  12. Jill Albright

    Seeking to suck skulls
    stepping slowly softly – shh
    must suck skulls empty

  13. My decaying friend
    Would like a Zombie haiku
    Chewy brain eases pain

  14. Weird… I had the random urge to tweet a zombie haiku today… #ZombieHaiku… and find this collection… psychic timing!

    horizon zombie
    we’ll meet between origins
    one will travel on

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      Hi Christopher, thanks for your submission! Can you make sure to email it to Miranda at the address above? submissions closed last weekend so I’m not sure if she can still get it into the book or not, but drop her a line and see what she says. 🙂

      • unsteady stumbles
        the silhouette in my scope
        hope he wasn’t drunk

        – Sure… I’ll send them both…

  15. goth girl or undead
    pale skin, dark eyes, crooked smile
    I make bad choices

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