Heart Healthy in a Hurricane?

While I can hardly call my diet during Hurricane Sandy a healthy one, it struck me just how hard it is to find low-sodium foods that last and don’t require refrigeration.

Part of me thinks, well, it’s okay, because it’s just for a few days (in best-case scenarios) and besides, portion control is more effective when your available food gets limited. The other part of me just wants a frickin’ can of soup in my cupboard.

What’s a sodium-conscious person to do? Ramen, Campbell’s, Lipton – even Progresso’s so-called heart healthy/low sodium line has more sodium than I’d put in my body in one sitting if I had my head on straight. (Given that I ate a chocolate bar for dinner last night, it seems unfair to declare I have it on straight now.)

Since we have a potentially worrisome nor’easter blowing in this week, I’m trying to decide how to handle this. Buy no-sodium bullion and commit to a thin broth for a week? Load up on rice and pray the gas keeps working? At least it’s autumn in the northeast, so there are plenty of apples and long-lasting root vegetables easily accessed.

But it does make me wish there were more (legitimately) low salt options I could keep aside for emergencies.

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  1. basically, anything processed is gonna be high in sodium, and fresh stuff mostly needs to be kept cool. A suggestion from Sams on my blog was to fill ziplocks with water and freeze them. when the power goes out, move ’em to the fridge to help keep things cool, plus, when thawed, drinking water!

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