“Oil Pulling” – What the Eff?

Late last night on Twitter, my friend Yoli (we met at the beach cleanup last summer) recommended a battling my current batch of The Ills with a technique called “Oil Pulling.”

After going to bed around ten thirty last night, I woke up at five with gross phlegmy ick, saw her tweet, and read this line: “Within 30 minutes of doing it, I thought I was in an episode of X Files with the neon stuff that came out of my nose.”

Sold and sold and SOLD.

I did some quick reading and saw that some people had good results using olive oil, which I had in the house (my sesame oil was, regrettably, toasted). Somewhere, someone said “put some peppermint oil in to help with the taste,” which was a lifesaver because olive oil on its own tastes really gross. I only managed to swish the oil in my mouth for about 5 minutes before I had to spit it out.

I didn’t get any X-Files horror effects, but my nose definitely did some extra dripping and I for the rest of the night (woke up again around 20, and moved on to battling the ills with Emergen-C, tea and juice.
So I’m declaring oil-pulling  a win, and preparing to head out for multi-vitamins and chicken soup.ten am) I could take a deep breath without sending myself into a coughing fit.


2 responses to ““Oil Pulling” – What the Eff?

  1. Okay, I’m totally intrigued, and I shall add this to my toolbox for the next time I feel yucky. I shall also do further research – on Yoli’s blog she mentioned the litany of stuff it’s also good for and Migraines & allergies were listed. Currently my neti pot keeps my allergies mostly at bay, but I’m totally up for some other homeopathic alternatives to heavy medication. Interesting…

    • Let me know how you find it – I tried it again today (again with olive oil) and it had less effect, but my friend got sesame oil and said her nose started draining out even before she’d finished the swishing.

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