Getting Things Done: Projects, Guest Posts & Doorbells

blogpicFor the last six months, my doorbell hasn’t been working. Those of you who don’t live in apartment buildings may not immediately realize what a pain that is, and how much it’s impacted my life here in New York City. I don’t remember the last time I ordered delivery, because without a functioning buzzer I have to explain how the guy bringing my pizza and lo mein (and, not or, don’t judge me) that he has to call me from downstairs then stand there and wait while I come down to let him in and…it’s just too aggravating. Also, I’m trying to eat healthy.

But I digress. Today, my super showed up to try and fix the intercom for my apartment. Which means I’m sitting around waiting while he works; now he’s replaced the speaker in my room but it looks like the issues go further than that.

Getting things done is a process. You make a plan, you reach out for help, you encounter setbacks, you overcome them. You accomplish things.

For me, the next few months are going to be all about accomplishing things. Two things, to be exact, with a third thing looming on the horizon.

Which brings me to kind of an exciting announcement: I’m going to be lining up some guest posts over the next couple months. So far I have a friend who’ll be sending in a theater review for Evil Dead: The Musical (about to open in Toronto) and another who’s going to be doing some in-depth looks at the redeeming features of less-than-Oscar-worthy films.

I made a plan: to write two first drafts – for two very different pieces – in two months. I’ve reached out to friends who’ll be helping me keep ticking over with new blog posts while I’m hard at work. So far, all the setbacks on the creative projects in question have been structural and overcome with liberal application of my fancy MFA in Dramatic Writing and a few tools I picked up along the way to where I am now.

Hopefully, in two months, I’ll have accomplished my plan.

Wish me luck – more luck than my super, at least, who just announced that while the speaker in my apartment has now been replaced, it’s still not working because of an issue with the buzzer downstairs.

On second thought, wish my super luck on the doorbell issue, too. Getting food delivered in the next couple months will definitely help me accomplish my goals.

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  1. Good luck! You can totally do this, and the reason you can is because you love it. How much easier is it to do things when we adore doing them?

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  2. Best of luck to you and your super, Rachel!

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