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Once a year, John Scalzi (head of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and a pretty freaking ace individual, from what I’ve seen of him online) opens his blog to those who have something they want to put on peoples’ Christmas lists. Writers, in other words (and artists, and other people who make things and sell them, too). Kind of like yours truly.

As long as last year’s requirements don’t change, here’s what I’m planning to post when he opens the guide to non-traditionally published authors tomorrow morning.


Thanks, John, for doing this again – and thanks everyone else for checking the comments! Here’s what I have to offer: an anthology of speculative fiction, which I edited, and 2 plays in e-book form (one fun for kids, the other dystopian for adults).

HOT MESS: speculative fiction about climate change.
Anthology. 6 short stories on the theme of climate change, ranging from realism to satire to fantasy. Top 20 Bestseller. Nominee, Best Anthology, 2013 eFestival of Words Award. Reviews
at Goodreads and AmazonNotes from other readersBuy the e-book today (Dec. 3rd) from Smashwords and take 50% off at! (COUPON CODE: VA69H). Print version available from CreateSpace and Amazon. Amazon print edition includes Kindle edition via Amazon Matchbook.

Children’s play, ages 4-7. Runtime: 75 min. When a 2-headed traveler meets a baby bird at a fork in a road, it’s time for stories of friendship, adventure, love, loss and coming-of-age to inspire the bird to fly south for the winter. “Inventive and whimsical without being overwhelming and truly age-appropriate.” More reviews on Amazon.

MOUSEWINGS: a post-apocayptic urban fairy tale
Dystopian one-act play. Runtime: 50 min. Civilization has come to a gory, infectious end. Haunted by the ghost of her lover, a cancer researcher hides in her home — then it’s invaded by marauding hooligans. When it comes to survival, no one is what they seem. Reviews on Amazon.

For more information on my work, you can check out my blog at, or check out my Facebook page at Enjoy, thank you again, and happy holidays!


Anybody want to give me a hand in punching this up for tomorrow morning? Or do you think it’s good to go?

And before I forget – happy holidays to all my readers, too!

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Edit: Getting the name of the association he’s head of would be a good start, self. (Sorry about that, sigh. Fixed now.)


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