Free Reads for Christmas!

Hey all!

I’m knee-deep in writing a science fiction play for a company in the UK, so this is going to be quick, but I hope you have a wonderful holiday and wanted to give you a couple of freebies to get you through the next week or two – particularly those of you with kids home from school and in need of entertainment.

If you’ve got kids, STUCK UP A TREE will be free on Amazon through December 29th.

If you like dystopian stories (and who doesn’t?) and haven’t read my play MOUSEWINGS, the next few days give you a chance for some free reading material, too.

I don’t often ask outright, but since it’s Christmas…if you think anyone in your network (including actors, drama teachers, directors…Steven Spielberg…) might enjoy either play, please pass on this blog or those links. And if, once you’re done, you feel like leaving a review? That’d be ace.

Again, both plays are free for Kindle (and associated devices/apps) through December 29th.

Merry Christmas & happy holidays!




PS – At time of writing, Mousewings and Stuck Up A Tree hold positions 3 and 4 on the Bestsellers list in Amazon’s free Playwriting categoy! (See below for a pic!)

free bestseller three and four mousewings

2 responses to “Free Reads for Christmas!

  1. Thank you for the free reads! I’ve read Mousewings and really liked it.

    I originally came across your play Mousewings years ago by Googling my online username. I am glad I had a chance to read it. I’m currently reading Stuck Up a Tree. Cheers!

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      Hi! So glad you got a chance to download them over the holidays! You know what, I think I once came across your username years ago while googling the title of the play! LOL. Clearly it was fate. 😉 Hope you like Stuck Up A Tree, too – they were both so much fun to write & work on. 😀

      Curious – where does your username come from? It’s not a word I’d ever heard before writing the play, as far as I can remember, so just wondered. And sorry it took a couple days for your comment to post – I have an overzealous spam filter, gah.

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