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I’ve been writing for the last two months. Big deal, I hear you say, you’re a writer. Writers write. Which is true, but some writers do other things, too, like eating and sleeping and talking to other human beings, and I haven’t done much of any of that stuff since the end of October. Well, aside from the eating.

IMAG2507The other thing – what makes the last two months really notable – is that I *finished* complete first drafts for two pretty major projects in those two months. Which, for someone who’s still trying to put together a short story collection about robots months later, is really what’s worth celebrating.

If you’d come to me last year and said by January 2014 I’d have finished a novel and a play, I’d…well, let’s just say I’d probably have snapped something at you about best-laid plans before skulking off to a corner and spitting fire in your general direction. (Creatively, the end of 2012 was Not the Best Time Ever, whatever that old blog entry says.) But here I am, and here they are, two stacks of paper staring back at me, only they’re not really staring back at me because they don’t have eyes. Also because they’re in a drawer. Also, so far I’ve only printed one out.

It’s been a little over six weeks since the end of writing the novel, and in two weeks I’m having an editing kick-off with Sare on that one. Until then it’s just me, my blog and the sense of self-satisfaction that comes from having two projects well underway this early into the new year.

Now, you might be thinking, wow, Rachel has really pushed herself. She really deserves a reward. Would you believe I agree with you? And here’s what I’ve decided would be the best reward for all that hard work: getting to meet a band whose music I’ve gotten a lot from in the past couple years.

See, there’s this band I like.

Twenty one pilots have a fast, lyrical, melodic style that caught me up from the first time I heard their singles “Semi-Automatic” and “Car Radio” (thanks, Spotify!). Their song “Heart of Gold” makes me go all mushy when I hear it. They make me think of what might happen if The Streets crashed into an awesome, practically ska-ish pile of indiepop incrediblity. They’ve played New York a couple of times since I started liking them, but a bunch of other people must like them too because their shows keep selling out.

Enter @aboleyn, musical tastemaker – and, very lucky for me, a friend of mine. She spotted their name on a festival bill – then spotted a contest for VIP tickets and meeting the band.

So that’s what I want, internet and faithful blog readers. I really really want my friend to win this contest so she and I can meet twenty one pilots, because I’ve been working really hard the last two months and cannot yet afford Rowling-style cash to hire bands for private performances. And this is where you come in.

The way we win this contest is by having the most people click onto THIS PAGE. Once a day, if you feel so inclined.

That’s it. No registration, no spammy emails.

Just click and move on with your day. If we win, I will come up with some kind of appropriate thank-you, probably involving embarrassing photos of me fangirling at the band.

All you have to do is click. And maybe ask your friends to click, too.

Which you and your friends can do – and I hope, will do – once a day between now and the 12th.

So that’s where things stand as of January 2014, folks. A commissioned play and a first novel, ready to be put through the rewrite wringer…and me, sitting here, hoping really hard that I’ll get to meet these guys:

And one last time in case you missed the link: click HERE once a day to help us win!

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