The Uncomfortable and Painful Consequences of Being a BAMF with Crap Posture


So. That image is, more or less, what’s going on in my lower back right now. I might have been joking about it earlier in the week, but now…well, when something goes from what you think is a pulled muscle to a pinched nerve to a herniated disc in a matter of three days…let’s just say the laughs become more of the “cuz if you don’t you’ll cry” kind of thing. Me and a physical therapist are gonna get real friendly over the next four to six weeks (or more, considering it will be at least a week before my doc even gets all my scans back.

As a friend pointed out when I joked about making a blog entry featuring the goriest photo of a slipped disc I could find (there weren’t any under the search terms I decided I could bear using), I can make this a teachable moment. I can advise other young writers to live a balanced, well-rounded loves that include copious rest breaks when typing and good posture and strong core muscles. So, everyone out there reading this, go do that.

Meanwhile, I will lie in bed wondering how the hell I’m going to get my laundry to the laundromat, because I’m pretty sure I’m out of matching socks and am into the phase of wearing stuff from my closet that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages.

I would start ranting about the costs of health care in this country, but given the medicine my doc has me on, a rant would probably be even less coherent than usual. I’ll spare you.

Anyway – goodnight, fellow BAMFs. Take care of yourselves, because otherwise, one day you too might feel a spasm in your lower back when sitting up and spend the next several days getting increasingly upsetting diagnoses. And then worrying about moving the wrong way and giving yourself lasting nerve damage. Or accidentally severing your spine. Or whatever.

And on that note, to sleep. Perchance to dream…and figure out where to get a lumbar support pillow before my next day at the office. Sitting at my desk. Using a computer. Tomorrow morning.



That really awful painful bulging one? That's mine!

PS – NYC is an awful place to be unwell if you’re single and not independently wealthy. Everything you could take advantage of – laundry pickup & delivery, grocery delivery, taxis…costs an arm and a leg. And that isn’t even counting copays. And if this is all such a problem for me – employed, insured, relatively young – I can only imagine what it list be like for anyone who doesn’t fulfil even those basic criteria.

PPS – if you came here from Facebook, no idea what image this will post with on my wall. Hope it was a good one.

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