Keep Calm & Carry On

So. I went to the doctor yesterday and got my scan results, and they were a bit worse than I had been preparing for (I’ll be okay, nobody panic, I just hadn’t realized how serious this injury would turn out to be). It was pretty upsetting, and I’m glad some of my friends were around to talk with once I got the news. I’ve started physical therapy and will be trying my best to be a model patient while that’s going on.

This morning, in a wildly successful attempt to brighten my spirits, my friend @aboleyn from Twitter has set up a delightful tumblr which we’re populating with pictures of British actors whose work we enjoy.

In the tradition of Calming Manatee, and courtesy of the brilliant @aboleyn, I bring you:


2 responses to “Keep Calm & Carry On

  1. Oh sweetheart, you really don’t do injuries in halves do you?! Sending lots of love and positivity your way. Wish I was there to drop in some soup (or had a US credit card so I could deliver you some soup).
    Thinking of you xox

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    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      hugs. thanks, i’m hanging in there – tho same can’t be said for this keyboard, hah. xx

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