The End of Autos?

Many moons ago, I saw an article that asked whether the auto industry was losing Millennials, and wrote a post about it.

Today I saw this article pop up in my stream and thought it was worth posting as a follow-up.

“Older people are driving less as they retire, and younger people are driving less, too, which Richard Florida thinks is because having a car just isn’t cool anymore.” – Max Ehrenfreund | April 1 at 12:00 pm

While the article is dated April 1st, it references other pieces written previously, so I don’t think it’s meant as an April Fool’s joke.

So what will it signify if car culture in the US takes a steep downward turn in the next few years? Will we finally stop letting oil giants pollute our drinking water? Will efficiency standards continue to rise? And what will lower numbers of drivers mean for America’s national infrastructure, which is widely acknowledged to be in need of serious investment? And can we have some high-speed trains already?

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting article, and hope you do too.


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