Akismet vs. Disqus – A Tale of Two Comment Management Systems

439076-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Woman-Overwhelmed-With-Junk-MailA few weeks ago, I posted an entry about how I felt like I was being failed by Akismet. Since posting that, I noticed an upswing in spam comments – to the tune of at least one spam comment per minute.



When I despaired about it on Twitter, Akismet told me to email them – but several days passed without a reply, and I was taking way too much time looking through spam to make sure no comments got lost in their journey to being posted.

Fast forward to today. I mentioned again that I couldn’t get my comments to work correctly, and so had limited posting to just those who were logged in and registered. @The7thMatrix piped up:

I was hesitant to go check out Disqus because I hate having to learn new blogging tricks (I’m still stuck on working out how to make AdSense work on my site, because the last time I tried it was very confusing and frustrating, but a few minutes later a friend PM’d me on Facebook to say that she hadn’t been able to leave a comment on my last entry.

Well, that was the final straw. What was the point of not getting spam if real commenters were going to get blocked, too?!

Signing up for Disqus was so easy that at first I wasn’t sure if what I’d done had worked. But sure enough, I went back to my page and not only did the comment field look different – someone had already left a comment using the new software! Without me having to personally approve it!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to get your blog comments working more efficiently, I recommend Disqus. Highly. Will keep everyone posted if I run into any hitches, but so far, I’m pretty darn pleased.

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10 responses to “Akismet vs. Disqus – A Tale of Two Comment Management Systems

  1. Look at me leaving a comment. Because I can. 😉 Yay for Disqus.

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      WOOOOOO! Did it give you a weird error reply? I still haven’t managed to make the “notify me of comments” thing work, but dude, I’ll take what I can get at this point. 😀

  2. twitter_cdreimer

    I finally got fed up with emptying the spam folder on my family of blogs. A few dozen spam comments per week made for some interesting reading on how to suck to a blogger, but 400+ spam comments per week was too much. I kept Disquis in mind after reading your blog post. The final straw came today when I kept trashing spam comments that got through Akismet. I installed Disqus on my retired blog, which is still a spam magnet, as a test run before installing on my two active blogs.

  3. Is this Discus as your commenting system? Wow! It looks like native WordPress comments!

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      Yup! At least, I think it is – I don’t claim to be an expert, but I plugged it in and off it went. Recently there’s an extra wrinkle in that it doesn’t seem to like when I reply from the comment screen of wordpress, but there’s something about having linked up to some .com blogs that might account for that.

  4. Leolin_Prompt

    ​Hey! I’m interning at a Workshop development shop. We’ve been working on developing a better commenting plugin called Prompt. It is completely free, and we are looking for beta-testers. Think of it as post subscriptions with email commenting. Come and try it out! http://demo.addprompt.com.

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      While I appreciate the comment, I think the blog makes it clear that I’m happy with what I have for now. I’ll keep you in mind if something goes awry in the future. Good luck with your project!

  5. I’m not a fan of Disqus. I hate jumping through hoops so that I can comment on a post and I worry about security. And I really don’t like logging in using my social media accounts.

    I’ve been using Postmatic on my blog as an alternative for comments – http://wordpress.org/plugins/postmatic. Folks seem to be responding well to the ability to respond to posts via Email.

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      Oh…now that DOES look interesting. I’d be interested to know what their spam management is like, since that’s where Akismet was really falling down. Do you have to sort through a lot of spam comments, or since there’s an email attached does that cut down on the noise vs the signal?

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