Bic Pens & Buying Men’s

I was just reminded, via this video from Ellen Degeneres, about the Bic Pen incident a year or two ago. And it got me thinking about how split marketing to men and women not only warps kids ‘ perspectives of themselves, but how it also actually costs us money. Us being women, who have less of it (as a rule, thanks pay gap) to begin with.

The video’s pretty funny, and very on point. Go Ellen.

But of course, we know, it’s not just about pens. I’ve talked about gendered products and marketing on here more than a little, and realized that one thing I don’t think I’ve blogged about is that I recently went to buy deodorant and realized that the exact same product was being sold in two aisles for a dollar’s price difference. The difference? They were in different aisles. The one in the men’s aisle was a dollar cheaper and fractions of an ounce larger, so I bought it.

The experience opened my eyes in a way that’s made a practical difference to my budget, and since I’m not sure there are many millionaires reading this right now (and for gods’ sake if there are, there’s a PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON IN THE UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER), and Men’s Pocky is a thing, I thought this might be something you all would like to know about.

Also, the Ellen clip was funny.

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  1. Ever noticed that regular bags and holiday bags of M&M’s sold in different aisles? The holiday bags are smaller and more expensive than regular bags. I buy the holiday bags only when on sale for less than the regular bags. Drug stores typically discount holiday candies after the holiday by 25% or more. The best deal I ever got six bags of Halloween (or Harvest) M&Ms for $0.42 USD each (90% off) a month after Halloween.

    As for deodorant, I use baby powder (talculm powder). It’s cheaper, gets me through the day, causes fewer skin irritations, and comes in a gender-neutral plastic bottle.

    • Rachel / @girl_onthego

      I have indeed seen that phenomenon w/M&Ms…this year, the day after Valentine’s day, I was whining to my roommate about how I couldn’t go to “discount chocolate day” because of my back. Heh.

      I never realized that you could substitute baby powder for deoderant. Shall have to check that out some time. Maybe in the winter when I wouldn’t have to roll in a giant pool of it to get enough to counteract the NYC heat. Heh.

  2. Just saw this (yay for Summer making my web-presence lighter). I’m reminded of how in hardware stores they sell fancy and generic paint (and other things) where the only difference is the packaging and price. If you read the labels you can see that they’re exactly the same products. However manufacturers have found that having both a cheaper and a more expensive product makes them more money than having having a single middle-priced product.

    In any case, yeah, it goes beyond pointless gendering and permeates everything we buy. It always pays to check multiple aisles and see if the same product is packaged/priced differently someplace else.

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