MIRANDA – A Britcom I’d Like To Share


Courtesy BBC America website

What’s Miranda, you ask? It’s a BBC comedy show currently airing on Hulu, starring the fabulous Miranda Hart (who you might know from Call the Midwife), as the titular character. Her trials and tribulations are slightly generic – annoying mum, crush on an unattainable guy, friend who’s a bit mad, annoying toff boarding school chums – but in many ways, including some serious shattering of the 4th wall, the show is un-generically hilarious.

I started watching it after recommendations from multiple friends. And loved it. And wanted to share it with one of MY friends.

The only problem? My friend is hard of hearing, and the Hulu version of the show doesn’t include captions.

We were both surprised; after all, Hulu tends to be decent with captions, as do British stations in general. That whole accessibility thing. But there we had it. My friend couldn’t enjoy a laugh-a-minute, female-centric comedy show with me because it didn’t have captions.

After posting on Facebook, I found out that Netflix was sued last year because of the lack of captioning on its films; I’m surprised that Hulu hasn’t faced that yet (though it may be that Miranda is part of their back catalogue, in which case I really hope they get around to it). Netflix, in case you’re wondering, doesn’t carry the show either on streaming or as a DVD rental option.

For now, my friend’s choices are to either buy the DVDs (erm, no) or else to…not watch the show.

Which is really a pity, because Miranda is a really fun show, and now it’s missing out on a potential viewer before she could even start to love it.

Edit: There has been some confusion over the shop’s network, but I can now confirm it is not on ITV, it’s on the BBC. Apologies for the error.

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