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Short Frictions
A eclectic collection, including both new and previously published work in genres from historical horror to speculative future, as well as a one act stage play.

Reader reviews available here. Includes stories from Hot Mess: Speculative Fiction About Climate Change, Sassy Singularity and The Fat Man at the End of the World.


mousewingscoverMousewings: a post-apocalyptic fairy tale
t’s the end of the world. A cancer-researcher’s home is invaded by two refugees from a housing estate. This play about survival and determination in the face of death asks where humanity ends and self-preservation begins. First performed at The Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2007.







Playing it Cool
Two old friends collide in their hometown of Buffalo, New York, after years apart. But will Sam be able to tell Beth how he really feels about her? Find out in this one-act play, first performed at the Pend @ the Gateway Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2004.


41cvSDfOFRL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Post: a play in one act
Winner, the Write to Be Heard Young Writer’s competition, 1999.

Reader reviews available here.




Stuck Up A Tree
Four stories in one! A two-headed traveler finds a baby bird who won’t fly south for the winter, and tells it tales of friendship, kindness, problem-solving and goodbyes to help change its mind. Aimed at kids 4-7, this play was first produced at The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Ednburgh Fringe Festival, 2005.


Hot Mess: speculative fiction about climate change
An anthology of stories from authors around the world, examining the human consequences of climate change. With contributions from Rachel Lynn Brody, Sare Liz Gordy, Miranda Doefler, Eric Sipple and RJ Astruc. No longer in print.

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