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Writing a novel is tough, and sometimes an outside eye can help streamline storylines, assist with character consistency and zero in on writing foibles that might keep your work from finding its largest possible audience.

Whether your goal is to land an agent, publish with the big six, or upload your masterpiece to Amazon, working with a developmental editor can improve your chances by making your manuscript as strong as possible before it launches to a wider readership.

If you’re working on a piece of fiction and would like to discuss its strengths and weaknesses with an editor who will help make your writing as strong as possible, consider working with a developmental editor.

Namely, consider working with me.

I have years of experience working with writers, a track record of profitable publications with positive reviews, and an MFA in Dramatic Writing. I’ll give you a no-nonsense assessment of your novel, pointing out where you’ve hit the nail on the head and where your writing might benefit from further work. We’ll talk about plot, structure, themes, characters and more. Non-biased, constructive feedback can give you the directed, analytical help that takes your novel, novella or short story to a point where it stands out from the rest of the submissions recieved by an agent or publisher.

Developmental editing packages start at $150, with specific quotes available based on a short excerpt from your work. You’ll receive a written chapter-by-chapter analysis of your work as well as an overview of how the reader is impacted by your work, followed up with a discussion to address points that could use further exploration.

Payment is accepted via PayPal, personal check or money order.

Get in touch to find out more, and for a specific quote for your work.


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