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The End of Autos?

Many moons ago, I saw an article that asked whether the auto industry was losing Millennials, and wrote a post about it.

Today I saw this article pop up in my stream and thought it was worth posting as a follow-up.

“Older people are driving less as they retire, and younger people are driving less, too, which Richard Florida thinks is because having a car just isn’t cool anymore.” – Max Ehrenfreund | April 1 at 12:00 pm

While the article is dated April 1st, it references other pieces written previously, so I don’t think it’s meant as an April Fool’s joke.

So what will it signify if car culture in the US takes a steep downward turn in the next few years? Will we finally stop letting oil giants pollute our drinking water? Will efficiency standards continue to rise? And what will lower numbers of drivers mean for America’s national infrastructure, which is widely acknowledged to be in need of serious investment? And can we have some high-speed trains already?

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting article, and hope you do too.


Has the Auto Industry lost the Millennial generation?

A friend of mine (she’s free to call herself out in the comments) pointed out this really interesting article about the car industry and how it’s losing the next crop of drivers.

At the upper end of this generation, my car story is a little different. I haven’t owned one in years, and even when I “owned” (in quotes because it was still in my parents’ name) I was driving on my parents’ insurance.

When I got back to the US after living and working in Scotland, I chose one of the least car-friendly cities in the world as my new home base. And as I was saying during a conversation about this in mid-May: at this point in my life, I have no interest in owning a car.

I love public transportation. I love walking. I love not having to worry if my budget is suddenly going to shrink because gas prices have spiked, and I love not having to worry about waking up to find that my transmission has gone and I have to get it fixed and that’s $1500+ less that I’ve got in the bank. I have no car payment, and I know that my unlimited metro card and a handful of taxis will cover my transport needs throughout the month.

But apparently, auto makers are now offering to give free test drives and so on to non-auto bloggers. So I just want to be really clear: as a non-auto blogger of the Millennial generation, if any of those suits in Tokyo, Detroit or the other places the article writer cites are looking for a someone to test and talk about their product, I’m more than happy to make myself available.

So long as they’re picking up the tab.

NEW YORK MAGAZINE featured an article on car culture in New York in their June 4th, 2012 issue. WHY I DRIVE  by Justin Davidson was not available for linking at the time of this blog post as far as I can tell; if anyone finds a link please let me know.