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Eating To Prevent Inflammation

When you have a back injury like the one I’ve been dealing with the past few months, inflammation is an issue. Ice packs and anti-inflammatory medications can help, but the more I’ve read the more it seems that diet also plays a part in keeping inflammation low.

I started reading about this after a conversation with a friend who has been having similar problems the last few years, and while the list of foods not to eat was pretty intimidating, I was glad to see that a lot of what I already do to reduce the amount of sodium I eat every day also means there are a lot of issues I’ve already avoided.

Of course, there’s usually room for improvement, but the foods I couldn’t eat overwhelmed me pretty quickly. Luckily, some more research turned up this image (from Dr. Andrew Weil’s website – check it out, the graphic there is interactive), which reduces things down to an easy-to-read pyramid – and to be honest, the foods all look really good!

dr. weil's anti-inflammatory diet

I like that the list includes both wine and chocolate.

Later, my friend also sent me this pic, which outlines a handful of foods that are good for lowering inflammation. Good news again – I like them all!

Reducing arthritis and inflammatory pain

Aside from the raw apple cider vinegar, I would be totally down for throwing all these in a curry.

It’s not often that you find a diet that both might help your health AND looks easy to stick to — more or less. (Excluding dairy is turning out to be my big stumbling block, as I take my coffee with milk and am a big fan of cheese). I thought it was worth posting this information here. If anybody else has tips on good foods or their experience with trying this kind of diet to help reduce inflammation, I’d love to hear about it.