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Part of getting better is making sure that I stay as mobile as I can. When I woke up the other morning feeling like every muscle in my body had locked up, I knew it was going to be a rough day. After doing my physical therapy exercises, I decided the best thing to do would be to go for a walk around the neighborhood – even if it was just a short one, it was moving, and came with the added benefit of some vitamin D.

There are some cute gardens and shops in my neighborhood, and here are some pictures I took while I was walking. Enjoy!



Like Riding a Bike

What’s that charming poster behind the bike helmet? Why, that’s the poster for the reading of HOT MESS we did back last Spring!

When I was little, I used to like riding my bike really fast. I liked feeling the wind and speeding along and my heart pounding in my chest and working at the pedals really, really hard until I just couldn’t anymore and I’d coast.

As far as I could.

A couple years ago I had my parents bring my old bike down to the city. I knew I’d have to have someone go over it before I rode it again. This weekend, I finally got around to getting it fixed up. The tires were a bit bent, so they got straightened out. The chain was tested and came up with a gold star. The brakes were fine. We replaced the tubes and when I mentioned that the back tire had a habit of going flat, the mechanic suggested a couple bucks’ worth of tape around the inside of the tire, under the tube.

I didn’t have a bike helmet yet but I let myself indulge, and pedaled awkwardly home on the sidewalk, praying this didn’t wind up being a ticketable offense. The key to my bike lock had gone AWOL, so I couldn’t really go anywhere anyway.

I started looking for a helmet online, getting a few simple recommendations, but the plethora of choice was still completely paralyzing. On the advice of a friend, I popped into a sporting goods store and bought the cheapest thing they had that was certified and also fit my giant head. That was yesterday.

Today I went for my first bike ride in about ten years. The sun was setting over the Hudson and I teetered on my bike and tried to figure out the etiquette of riding in the city, sharing a path with scooters and roller bladers and pedestrians.   And I pedaled and braked and went around tight, right-angle corners, and every so often I got a clear moment and could take a look out over the water.

I reached a point where I thought, better head back now. And as I pedaled my way back, the paths were quieter, with the commuters largely having made their way to their destinations. Fewer people on the path; more opportunity to ride faster. Pedaling as hard as I could.

And then…I could coast.

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A Healthy Lifestyle – Lived Sustainably

When I started writing this blog, one of the big topics I talked about was maintaining a low sodium diet. Where am I with that, these days?

I’ll be honest. The whole fitness-eat-right-take-care-of-yourself thing is harder to sustain than you’d think. Or maybe it’s exactly as hard as you think; maybe you’re more realistic in this department than I am.

The point is, I’m trying: I still eat my zero-sodium bread, I don’t add salt to the food that I cook – but sometimes the demands of life get in the way. And as I get busier, my conscientiousness about my diet gets less of my attention. So I pick up a slice, I stop in at McDonald’s for a burger, I eat half a carton of ice cream, I hit the gym once a fortnight instead of three times a week. It’s showing.

Time to re-up my resolve, and keep actively striving for balance. Wish me luck.

Six Month Sodium/Health Checkin

Had some nice news this morning when I realized that despite being on vacation, I’m only two and a half pounds away from the result I was hoping for by June 18th. This means, of course, that the goal must be revised…so the new goal is 7.5 pounds by the 18th (which is a friend’s wedding date, and I shall be appearing in the wedding). If I can do it, I’ll be that much closer to my ultimate goal. If not…at least I won’t feel like I can slack off on my efforts!

Of course, the key to the changes I’m trying to make in my life – eating healthier, exercising, taking care of myself – are not the kinds of efforts that I can slack off on once my goal is achieved. Healthy living, I have to keep reminding myself, is a lifestyle – not an all-out sprint to a goal that can then be abandoned.

So how have I been doing? Well, I managed to get to the gym an average of 3 times a week since January, I’ve cut my sodium levels down to a mere fraction (and a small one, at that) of what I used to eat, and I’ve incorporated things like organic fruit, eggs and vegetables into my diet whenever possible. The most High-Fructose Corn Syrup I’ve had in ages was the lemonade I drank at a sports bar last week, and the presence of processed foods in my diet has gone down to almost zero.  What have been the results? A shrinking number on the scale, better endurance and energy, and, yes, a blood pressure that’s significantly lower than it was when I started worrying about all this stuff back in January.

I still have a ways to go, but progress is definitely being made…