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Self-Governed Masses – Trend of the Future?

Earlier on Reddit, I came across an article that talked about how Iceland was “crowdsourcing” a revision of its constitution. As I understand it, each clause of the constitution will be presented for revision, then a “final draft” will be offered for public referendum.  Pretty incredible stuff; it got me thinking about government in general: the reasons for it, the ways in which it works, and how its citizenry relates to it. How does a government begin? How does it endure?*
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THEATER/FILM DISCUSSION: “127 Hours” and “Hello Hi There” (Contains Spoilers)

127 HOURS, by Scottish director Danny Boyle, plays on themes that have resonated throughout his filmography. Through manipulating our experience of Aaron’s ordeal, Boyle reminds us of the same unsettling truths that can be seen throughout his body of work, mostly revolving around the frailty of human life and civilization in the face of disaster. Boyle regularly creates high-concept storylines that force his audience to appreciate the joy of being alive while at the same time showing them the brutality and messy ugliness that is inherent in being human. He forces his audience to consider their relationship to the natural, external world – while at the same time maintaining a focus on the tormented inner stories of his characters.

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