Site Stats: Why Analytics Are Awesome

If you follow me on Twitter (@girl_onthego), you may have noticed that I’ve been testing out scheduled tweets over the last week or so. Ranging in frequency from every hour to every two or three hours, I’ve re-posted old blog entries. Here’s what I’ve learned from watching the statistics on my site:  - Those blog…


What Are You Doing Monday Night? (Writer’s Workshop, Yo!)

BLOGGING OUT LOUD: How Reading & Reflection Improve Your Self-Published Work 8:30pm-10:30pm Monday, September 10th As part of Writer’s Week 2012, Shoshana Martyniak and I will lead a free workshop session in strengthening one’s voice as a participant in the world of self-publishing. Want to participate? Select a short blog entry (under 500 words) that…

Life In A Day – Entering Post, or Technical Assistance Requests #lifeinaday

Yesterday, I took part in the Life In A Day project. Proposed by filmmaker Kevin MacDonald (THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, TOUCHING THE VOID, ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER) and executive produced by Ridley Scott (Do you really need a credits list?), asked people around the world to film their day. The next step is sending myfootage on to the filmmakers (via YouTube, which along with its parent Google, is also supporting the project). My problem is, I’ve run into some technical snags. Little help?