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THEATER REVIEW: The Deepest Play Ever @ the New Ohio Theatre

Boo Killebrew, Chinasa Ogbuagu, TJ Witham & Jordan Barbour. Photo by Colin D. Young.

“I’m going to┬áThe Deepest Play Ever,” I told my friends on Wednesday, “and yes, that’s the actual title.” Which wasn’t exactly accurate. The full title of the production is “The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos, The Post-Post-Apocalyptical Allegory of Mother LaMadre And Her Son Golden Calf OR: Zombies Will EAT Your Brain! AN EPIC TRAGIDRAMEDY.”

But I make a practice of shortening anything longer than a Fiona Apple album title, so.

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THEATER REVIEW: “Samuel & Alasdair” at the New Ohio Theater

Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War received an extension for its run at the New Ohio Theater, and their artistic director Robert Lyon cites it as their “first bona fide hit” in his program note.

Here are my thoughts on this strange, lovely, nostalgic, shaking production.

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