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Go High, Clinton Supporters

Originally posted on my Facebook, regarding the Democratic National Convention and the speeches given by both Michelle and Barack Obama.

I don’t think I got to say this last night but I want to make sure to say it.

One of the reasons the Obama speeches were so successful – and here I mean both Michelle and Barack – is that they understand that this is probably the last chance they have to bring Berners on board en masse to support the Democratic party’s chances of getting out the vote. To that end, neither of them shamed Bernie supporters nor did they call them ridiculous or selfish or anything else.

A lot of people have gone low in their attempts to sway Berners to the cause. Michelle and Barack went high.

They called on upset and disillusioned progressives to bring in more folks like them and change the complexion (no pun intended) of the party. The President said that if Berners stick around and join in the fight, then we’ll continue making slow progress, and if progressive Democrats can bring enough people in to support their cause(s), then eventually the tenor of the debate will change.

This won’t be enough for some. There is a hell of a lot of mistrust of the party by Bernie supporters, and there are a lot of Dem policies that simply don’t match their view of how the world should be. And just like he did in his state of the union, Obama acknowledged that there are real policy differences between Americans at different parts of the political spectrum.

But he also praised Bernie’s supporters as “the best organizers in the world,” and was – as far as I can tell – the only speaker so far to offer unmitigated praise to the people who worked so hard to take Bernie from an unknown to a serious contender for the presidency.

The Clintons, their supporters and the DNC need to go high. It will be hard. It might not be enough. But if they want people to rally behind Hillary in the general, it’s what they need to do.

[Subject Redacted] [See: CISPA]

StopCISPA - simple graphic

I’m sorry. Today, I was supposed to be announcing the winner of the Hot Mess/Earth Day 2013 Giveaway. While I’ll be contacting the winner privately today, the announcement has been put off till tomorrow, due to CISPA’s passing in the Senate last week.

For more information on the idea of a general blackout, consider reading this PC Mag article.

Last year, it was SOPA and PIPA that threatened freedoms affecting web communications.

This year, CISPA has reared its head. This legislation has already passed a vote in the Senate last week.

In the simplest terms, CISPA will make it legal for the federal government to access information about what you do online without a warrant.

If you’re a US citizen, please contact your representative in congress and let them know you want them to vote CISPA down.

And just in case that doesn’t work, contact President Obama and let him know that even if the bill passes through congress, you expect him to veto it and protect our privacy and security.

For those of you waiting on the Earth Day Giveaway results – they’ll be up first thing on the 23rd. Thank you for your patience.


More reading:

CISPA amendment banning employers from requiring you to give your social network passwords, blocked. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/21/cispa-amendment-facebook-passwords-blocked_n_3128507.html


“Passing” versus “upholding” a law.

First: I am thrilled that today the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) was judged by the Supreme Court to be constitutional.

Second: The Supreme Court did not “pass” this act.

Third: The Supreme Court did uphold this act.

Fourth: “Uphold” and “pass” are two different things, and in fact it would not have been possible for the Supreme Court to “pass” this legislation. As much as we talk about legislating from the bench, the court has to have a law presented to them before they can rule on it, and Congress is where this law was actually passed. If it hadn’t been passed, then there would have been no way to challenge it. I’m sure the lawyers out there will correct me on that if I’m wrong. But I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong.

As happy as I am that many many people will continue to get health coverage and not fall victim to pre-existing conditions, discriminatory premiums and more, the writer and editor in me is dying to take a red pen to all those tweets talking about how the court “passed” the law.

What the court did do was uphold the law, i.e., agree that it was constitutional (although not on the grounds that most expected it to be upheld upon). Alternatively, it could have struck down the law.

But the law had already passed. In Congress. Which is where laws get passed. They do not get passed in the Supreme Court.

Thus ends today’s civics lesson. Thank you.

Photos from the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, Washington D.C., 10.30.10. #rallytorestoresanity @Rally4Sanity

Rally Attendee with Sign

The Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, 10.30.10,

Washington, D.C.

Click here for the Flickr album.

It’s important to remember what’s happened, and what’s happening: 9/11/2010 at Ground Zero (#9/11, #peace)

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of 9/11. I went to Ground Zero and photographed/filmed protestors, demonstrators and the general public. In the interests of making this experience viewable to a wider public, I’ve uploaded the photographs to Flickr.

 Edit: Full album now available on Flickr.






Edit: Prefer video?

Edit 2: I’ve been having a hard time finding a way to upload the 20 minutes of video during which I walked through the pro-mosque rally; it was a really inspiring walk and something I’d like to share. If anyone has suggestions on a good program to use to break the video in two (I’ve tried loading Windows Movie Maker – really just looking for a quick and easy solution) please email me or comment. Alternatively – what are some good places to host videos that run over 20 minutes?)

Thank you, Mr. President

Not a lot of time right now, but I just watched the health care bill signing with some co-workers (thank you, whitehouse.gov!) and wanted to send out a personal thank you to President Barack Obama for having the integrity, drive, leadership and decency it took to make this bill into law.

The Clue Is In The Segment Title

Rachel Maddow can’t possibly have “no idea” why Obama removed the presidential seal from his appearance at a political event. He is separating the office of the president from a state’s congressional race. Correctly or not, seeing the presidential seal behind a candidate for federal office (or any office) probably sends a subliminal message to voters:

“You can trust this guy. The president does.”

I, for one, think removing the presidential seal from political endorsement appearances is a good move. The more we as a country move away from an us-versus-them mentality when it comes to our government, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

Then again, I don’t watch Maddow regularly and I’m not used to her sense of humor. Was she just telling a straight-faced joke?