Shale gas :  fracking or hydraulic fracturing

SciFi Flash Fiction: A Step Ahead

“It’s okay,” they kept saying when oil stores got low. “Science stays a step ahead.” They said it when the gush slowed to a slow-bleeding trickle, out of the scars of the ground. They said it again in the wake of the twenty-teens extinctions. “Biological diversity? Eh, it’s fine. We’ve got DNA samples in the lab.…


Cool Tweets About Robots, Writing & More

As you may know by now, my next collection is made up of short stories about artificial intelligence and robots. So here are some tweets I’ve seen about cool robot stuff over the last few weeks: Chinese restaurant owner has amassed a robot noodle maker army… — pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee) April 23, 2013  …

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A couple weeks ago, I was visiting a friend in Boston and he asked what kind of writing I was working on right now. When I said I’d started thinking back to my robot/AI anthology, his response? “Then we should go to the MIT museum.*” (*not a direct quote.) Which was how, in the space…

“Sweetheart” to published in the SASSY SINGULARITY anthology

It’s been a busy beginning of the year over here on, and the pace is only going to get more eventful in the next few months. Next on the docket? My short story “Sweetheart” will be appearing in Sassy Singularity, an anthology being edited by Sare Liz Gordy.