THEATER REVIEW: “The Sphinx Winx” at Theater Row

There’s very little to recommend The Sphinx Winx over traditional B-movie fare, available at a lower price (and higher camp factor) from Netflix and local indie movie stores. Fans of Egyptian paraphanalia and themes can take a pass, since this show owes little aside from pop-culture references to Egypt. All this could be forgiven if the…

Four Finalists and Six Winners: The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival

After a weekend spent in the Mid-Hudson Valley sunshine, I headed back into the city Sunday night to check out the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival over at The Lion on Theater Row. While I was, of course, interested in seeing the plays and critiquing the performances, mostly I wanted to find out what it was that the people at Samuel French think made something the best of roughly 1,000 entries. These are people who know their drama, I figured: they’ve been publishing since 1830. At the very least, seeing the plays they chose for inclusion in their yearly publication would be educational.