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7 Facts About Me (Part 2: Versatile Blogger Awards)

I'm looking at turtles on the ocean floor. My back is roasting to a nice crispy texture.Yesterday, I blogged about how Christina Zarrella awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award. Part one of receiving the award was to nominate 15 bloggers I think you should check out; part two is sharing 7 facts about me. Yesterday’s blog got a bit long, so today here are some more facts (facts, and nothing but the facts). Check out Christina’s blog, Turbulence in the Veins, if you haven’t already.

7 Facts About Me:

1. My first (paid) writing gig was as one of the inaugural writers for NeXt, the teen section of The Buffalo News. I mostly covered science fiction events, including movie reviews and even a Star Trek convention. During my 2-year stint as a correspondent, I got to interview people like George Takei (briefly, at a local Star Trek convention) and Michael DeLuise (who I knew and loved from NBC’s short-lived seaQuest DSV).

2. One of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced was swimming with turtles in St. Maarten last year. Even though I got the worst sunburn of my life, it was totally worth it. While I’d do it again in a heartbeat, I might choose to wear a long-sleeved shirt in the water, next time.

3. As of this year, New York City overtook Edinburgh as the place I’ve lived the longest, other than my childhood hometown.

4. Growing up, I studied ballet lessons, gymnastics, swim team, the French Horn, the flute and the piano. I no longer do any of those things.

5. I have only seen each of the original Star Wars movies once, only seen the first of the prequels, and have no intention of watching any more of them ever again.

butchering a pig

Left: Kevin O’Donnell, chef at The Salty Pig, Boston. Right: Me, tearing fat out of a pig carcass.

6. Two years ago, I won a lesson in how to butcher a pig by claiming “it’s a skill I’ll need in order to survive after the zombie apocalypse.” I’m not sure they realized my main goal would not be to catch wild pigs with my bare hands after zombies took over the planet. (Too subtle? Or too tasteless? Either way, I joke.)

7. Beneath my cynical and direct exterior, I’m actually a total pushover, but I mostly try to keep that a secret. 😉

Thus concludes my acceptance of my Versatile Blogger Award!


I’m currently seeking beta readers/advance reviewers for my upcoming collection of sci-fi and speculative fiction stories, SHORT FRICTIONS. If you’re interested, please click here to find out more. 

Swimming with Turtles in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that about a week and a half ago I had a wonderful adventure. Magical, you might even say. But…

allmagic graphic for site

All Magic Comes With A Price








…and the price I paid for this piece of magic was the worst sunburn I’ve ever had in my life. (Yes, I wore sunscreen, and yes, I re-applied; the sun in the Caribbean is just different from the sun in New York.) As burns go, and looking back, I would now compare this to the burn I got when I was a kid and I stepped in the ashes of a burnt-out fire on the beach. I had scaly, peeling skin, two giant blisters on either side of my back, and my thighs were so badly burned that I literally couldn’t sit down or turn over in bed for the pain.

The thing is, I’m a Libra – a sign that’s all about balance. I don’t know how much stock I put in horoscopes, but the horrifying recovery of the last ten days was well worth the six hours of excitement, adventure and fun that I had two Saturdays ago in Sint Maarten.

The reason I went to Sint Maarten was to do research for a project that’s coming up over the next couple years. It was important to me, for the sake of the project, to learn how not to be terrified when swimming in the open water. So I signed up for a snorkeling tour that would allow those on it to swim with turtles.

The snorkeling was amazing. Here are some of my favorite photos from the journey.

One of these days, I’ll get to writing the rest of the trip up. Till then, my review of the trip for TripAdvisor, and some turtles: (If you’re viewing this from an email, you may need to click the link to this entry to see the photos…)

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