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Feminism on Valentine’s Day

2013-02-14 14.20.25A year or six ago, when I was studying in London, another single friend and I decided we’d take Valentine’s Day off and travel to Bath. We visited the Roman Spas and the Jane Austen museum – but that’s a blog for another day.

This year, I went to the One Billion Rising demonstration in Washington Square Park.

What’s One Billion Rising, you ask? Here’s a link to their site: http://onebillionrising.org/ – but in short, they’re an offshoot of playwright Eve Ensler’s V-Day Foundation, and work as an organization to demand an end to violence against women around the world. For the last year, they’ve been working to get out the word around the world and stage a women’s strike on February 14, 2014. ‘

More recently, they organized a way for women around the world to express themselves in solidarity with one another against violence: a worldwide dance.

And I do mean worldwide. Check out the organization’s website and the twitter tags #1billionrising and #reasontorise/#reasonstorise to see what’s being said about the action.

Here’s a video of today’s demo in Washington Square Park, NYC.

Dance – People Will Watch (One Billion Rising)

On February 14th – that’s a week from today – One Billion Rising will protest against and stand up for an end to violence against women. This is a global effort, coordinated by “The Vagina Monologues” playwright Eve Ensler, who I had the honor of communicating with during last year’s “Vaginagate” scandal in Michigan.

The woman reading had come out of the audience (t-shirt included!) and volunteered to read along. Have blurred her face for privacy's sake.

The woman reading in this photo had come out of the audience (t-shirt included!).

After publicly performing blog entries about vaginas in Union Square, last year (here are some photos by @gavechase – bit.ly/11LVtiI), this year I’ll participate in Eve Ensler’s effort to end violence against women by going to the Washington Square Park demonstration here in New York City. Their page contains links to rehearsals and more information. 

If you’re able, come to Washington Square Park on Valentine’s Day to watch and take part in a protest against violence against women around the world. I hope I see you there.

If you can’t get to a protest (there’s a fantastic database of events on the organization’s website), then try to take a moment of your day – whether it’s to  tweet, to post a Facebook status update, or even just have a thought – for the cause.

And maybe spend some time reading about Ensler’s organization and their goals. 😉

Gettin’ ready to rise…