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Family Wedding: The Maine Event

My cousin got married this weekend up in Maine. It was a  gorgeous wedding, the theme was a kind of country garden party and here’s a photo of the fairy lights they used in the barn.

Getting to their part of Maine from NYC is a bit of a trick. Most public transport only gets you as far as Bangor or Portland, which is still a significant drive. Or, it costs an arm, a leg and several airline transfers to get to a nearer-by airport. Which is a very, very tiny airport.

Instead, I drove up with a friend (she did most of the driving, at least till we got up there and there were fun country roads to zip around on. We ate lobster, stayed at a gorgeous lakeside house, went to the wedding on Saturday, and zipped back down to the city on Sunday.

The wedding was gorgeous. Sunny weather, a bit on the warm side but held at sundown; the bride was stunning and my cousin, the groom, looked fantastic in 20s-inspired gear. Instead of a wedding cake, my grandmother had baked tiny cupcakes for everyone, which my grandfather helped to decorate. As the night went on, the meal broke up into dancing and reminiscing.

Monday morning, now. Time to let reality back in.


There is SO MUCH going on today.

1. HAIKU OF THE LIVING DEAD is currently being uploaded to Kindle. Miranda will be managing the Smashwords upload, which will be where the coupon code for contributors, friends and family will be applied. More news on this over the weekend. Partial profits from this project will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

2. A very, very special shoutout to Sare Liz, my favorite priest, who got married yesterday at the upper rapids in Niagara Falls. She was a beautiful bride and she trusted me to hold the rings for her and her lovely husband (!!!!) and I did not lose the rings. 😀 Edit: On the down side, I now have some kind of horrible throat infection and am missing the formal reception. 🙁

3. Later this afternoon, I will be on the #99report to talk about Hot Mess and the recent heat wave. It’s been almost a year since I first approached the other writers (my first post about it was from January of this year) about putting together that collection, so it’s kind of amazing to me that it’s come so far and is doing so well since then.

4. If my brain isn’t total jelly once all this is sorted, I’m working out ideas about a multi-part post about Amanda Palmer’s new music video, WANT IT BACK, and what it says about the evolution of the feminine gaze. She says some things in the Guardian article (other end of that link, includes video) that contribute to my central thesis, so who knows…I might just go there.